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Please note that this is just "my" color technique, its not one that works for everyone. I tend to use softer tones and softer blending and shading, many people prefer to use a sharper coloring. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable with another coloring style, I wish I could do a more "cell" styled coloring, but it just doesn't work for me.  I'm self-taught really, this style has been created by me through trial and error over the past year.
With that said lets begin shall we?

I use atleast 3-4 colors for my skin tones alone, because I feel it offers more depth.

Marker Types---

Prisma colors are great markers, great for starting out with, when you are learning how to use professional markers. They are double tipped and blend well, and are a little less expensive then TRIA.

TRIA have 3 tips, they blend a little better and they are more closely related to a COPIC marker. I find they are a bit better then prisma, and are a step higher. I wouldn't suggest them to a beginner for two main reasons

1) they tend to bleed more, so for someone who has yet to master a prisma color will have a even harder time controlling them. So they aren't great for learning with.

2) They cost more, and if you can't really use them to your fullest it's a bit of a waste.

Copic's are very good, you can buy basic and brush tipped ones, but I find they aren't good for heavy layering. They also don't mix with other markers as well as TRIA or Prisma.

Colors to use for skin---

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Even strokes
Copic marker
"Light peach" is a very common skin color, personally I dislike this color because its very orange. I find "eggshell" or "brick white" to be good base colors
"9181-T" and "9221-T" are my absolute fav skin colors to use.
These are both pretty good togather!

coloring ---

I suggest when actully coloring you try to avoid going back and forth over the same area, it makes it look very patchy and uneven. Making clean downward strokes leaves clean edges and less patchy.

Feathering your edges --

I use this kind of edge for quickie back grounds, clothing and hair. Just press and flick forward, its hard to discribe good luck figguring it out... -_-;;;;
PART 2: Coloring and shading skin-
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