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PART 2: Coloring and shading skin---

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Step 1
Step 1 -

First I start with a base color, anything light will do. (I'd suggest "eggshell" or "brick white")

Here I'm using  9181-T (Tria)

Make sure to leave your highlights white, and cover the rest evenly.
Step 2 -

For my second layer I used 9221-T

This is were the shadowing begins, remember to folow the same light source.
Step 2
Step 3 - Softening edges

For my 3rd layer I used my base color (9221-T)

I went over the shadows with my base color to sofen the shadowing, and blend it.

--You can use a "clear blender" instead. Tria and prisma color both make them.
Step 3
Step 4 -

For my 4th layer I used "brick beige" (prisma)

This will be your darkest tone
step 5
Step 5 - Softening edges

For my 5th layer I used my base color to blend

Repeat step 3
Step 6
Step 6 - Adding puple

For my 6th layer I used "2706-T" (tria)

I use a light purple tone to add some extra depth. Something with a pinkish tone seems to look best, like a "grayed lavender" or "lilac" or a Tria 2706-T are my top choices.  You don't want to go over kill with it though, unless your trying to make it moody looking. Just a light touch here and there at the edges and your darkest spots.
Steph 6
Step 8
Step 7- blending again

For my 7th layer I used my base color

Since that usually is to purple looking you should go over your purples with some base or secondary color, just enough to mix in the purple and fade it into the rest of the skin.

   *******And your done!********
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